Kimi no Haiku


Sakura o miru to, 
Kimi o omotte iruyo. 

Ureshiku naru no mo setsunaku saseru no mo, 
Itsu demo riyuu wa kimi dake dayo. 
Sono tabi, 
Mata suki ni natte yuku. 

Hana ga kirei na dake de, 
Koko ni kimi ga ite kuretaratte. 
Soba ni irareta nara, 
Watashi wa anata mo tame ni kaika suru, 
Sakura no shite. 🌸



When I look at sakura, 
I'm thinking of you. 

It's because, 
You're always the reason behind 
Both my happiness and my pain. 
And whenever you do, 
You're making me fall deeper in love. 

Seeing the beautiful flowers, 
I just wish you would be here with me. 
And if I could stay by your side, 
I will bloom for you, 
As sakura. 🌸

JAIST, Japan. 



After almost a year, I'm back! haha.
But now I'm writing this from Japan. Wink2!

Just thinking of writing a blogpost for this special day of mine, or to be specific, special day of ours. ^^

Yeah, we're engaged for two years already. 


That was just TOOOOOOO LONGGGG I told you. 

Ya Allah, only He knows what we've been through along our engagement period.
It was just not easy.


Things that you think is impossible to happen, already happened.
Things that you think you won't do, also done.
Which I regret the most, actually.
Because I never thought that I will be the one who makes the stupid thing to our relationship, screwing everything out.

But alhamdulillah, Allah still wants us to be together.
Oh seriously I can shed tears anytime I remember those painful moments.

I've always heard before, that engagement will have it's own challenge. And that time, I never thought that the challenges aren't just no joke like we've gone through. Maybe if you who's reading this and on engaged, or had engaged before, know what I mean. I just prayed that me and him, also you and your partner, will last forever till jannah. Aamiin insyaAllah.

Just remember to be strong together.
If you're sulking on small matter now, please keep in mind that your good moments with your partner are so beautiful to be ruined by our silly and childish acts.
Tho yeah I know sometimes the heart wants what I want, right? ;)

For these years we've been together, THANK YOU.
And be it 2 years or 6 years passed, I wish we'll last forever.
And I won't forget how your mum held my hand with this ring on, while saying,

"Telah tertulis dua nama dan dua hati,
Yang akan disatukan."



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