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The heart wants what it wants?

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. hey peeps! oh it's soo good when the wifi is back to normal yeahhh! due to banjir,it took days to recover..huhu and dah berapa hari I've procrastinate to write this.. okay la.. at least boleh tulis jugak kan..
seem familiar?? oh of course! haha it's from selena gomez yaw! entah kenapa aku rasa hooked gila ngan lagu ni.. toing3..
tapi bukan pasal lagu tu yg aku nak sentuh hari ni.. it's about what is behind that line..
pabila hati menginginkan apa yang diinginkan
that's the translation.. harituu kan kecoh isu kpoppers peluk2 thingy kan.. entah.. dah ramai orang ulas pasal hukum and whatsoevahh.. so aku nak cakap lain sikit dari itu.. of course it relates to da title of course..
it's about how on earth did they have the guts to do that thingy.. kenapa diorang boleh terfikir untuk buat benda tu? which I've the confident that they've aware about the hukum,kan?
well,simple.. sebab mereka terlalu ikutkan perasaan.. katanya dah ituu y…

Countless Tears

Drop by drop..
The translucent pearls roll down the flawless cheek..
Flawless on the outside,yet full of scratches on the other side..
Countless time,countless drop..
Always weeping over the pathetic life..
The endless pain..
Crashing the heart into pieces..
The heart wants what it wants..
But the reality,holds it back..
Oh weak I am..
Just a little test from You..
But I already don't have the strengh to face it..
Already weeping like a useless person..
Forgive me,O Allah..forgive me..
It just hurts so much..
Give me strength..give me strength..
Please.. T.T

Farah Alwani