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Hey guys! Actually I’m thinking of writing on this as a reflection. Few things happened these couple of days regarding on this and they kinda made me thinking.
Well, stepping into the adult life, we can’t escape of the fact that we need to make our own decisions on everything. Or maybe most of the things. As for me, although I was trained to make decisions since I was in school or university, yet I think it is more intense the older we get. I’ve been chatting with my friends, my old friends, and my best friends. Coincidently the issues kinda same.
It’s like “I want this, but I also want that”, “I want to go but I don’t want to leave them”, “I want to do all but the packed commitments do affect other people too”, “I want to work but I want to study”, and the list goes on.
Yeah it’s tough right?
One of my friends told me something that opened my eyes when I told her that I envy of those people yang hidup dah senang dapat kerja duit banyak e…

First 100 Days of Us

Hey peeps! Hope everyone is in the best state yea. So finally I’m here special for this big new stage of my life:

Well actually I just want to note this here so I can always remember this early stage of our marriage. I don’t have any intention to spread annoying stories and so. Though I actually start this entry as one of my friend suggested me to update on my marriage coz she forgot that I already got married hahahh. So below are my thoughts. Enjoy reading! ;)
It has been 103 days since I got married to a very kind man on 7/7/17. And I learnt so much on living together with our partner. Yes I did live together with my friends during my university days. Changing roommates every session, with different pesen for each. YET, IT IS NOT THE SAME. For marriage, we’ve accepted somebody to go through the journey together, we need to adapt with the habits, which sometimes are good habits and there is no exception to bad habits too. PLUS AND PLUS my husband and I a…